We Are Jibli App by Talwan E-Commerce, Inc.

Jibli is the first National all-inclusive Quick Commerce Super APP in Libya that is designed to connect merchants and customers through its safe and user-friendly smart phone application available for download on Android and iOS with Fast Last Mile Delivery Service. It is operated by Talwan E-Commerce, Inc. and launched in Tripoli Libya as it first Serving Market.










Dear Customers,

We have developed Jibli for you to Enjoy Mobile Shopping from the best stores in your Area, from Abu Saleem to Benashoor, to Al Andalus and Quraji, we introduce to you a variety of shops and stores that you can shop from and get your products delivered to your doorstep.

All the stores we list in the application are businesses that have been serving you for years and we are making sure they continue to serve you with a whole new Digital Experience.

As COVID continues to threaten our communities, we make it safer for you to shop and keep your family and loved ones safe by offering a safe, fast, and easy delivery service to your homes.

We look forward to continuing serving you and bring you the best shops in Libya, all in 1 single platform.

Ibraheem ALHASHMI | Commercial Manager




Our Vision, Mission and Values


Utilizing cutting edge technologies to seamlessly connect Merchants and consumers via a safe, dependable, convenient, and diverse network.


Our goal is to establish digital excellence, increase earnings growth and to perdure cross-selling opportunities. We are on the road to making an enormous impact on the economic foundation of the country.

We want millions to accompany us and benefit from this journey. We want to make a positive difference by empowering the lives that we touch.


  • Convenience 
  • Safety
  • Dependability
  • Variety

Contact Us

  • Tripoli Tower 
    196, Floor 19, Tower 2 
    Tripoli, Libya 

Our Team

Argam Osman

Argam Osman | Jibli Business

Customer Support Director
Mohamed El Shrif

Mohamed El Shrif | Jibli Business

Customer Support Executive
Ahmed Al Shndour

Ahmed Al Shandour | Jibli Business

Marketing Executive
Abdulrahman Kikkly

Abdulrahman Kikkly | Jibli Business

Sales Executive
Omar Zreibe

Omar Zreiba | Jibli Corporate

Visualization & Media Director



Jibli is the first National all-inclusive Quick Commerce platform Modeling eMall in Libya that is designed to connect merchants and customers with Fast Delivery Service

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