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Author: Sarah Ayyashi

Introducing Food Delivery Services

Craving your favorite meal at home and wondering how to get it delivered?
We’ve got you covered !
Experience our latest service added to our app today, food delivery.
You can now order any meal you want from your favorite restaurant and get it delivered right to your doorstep in just a few steps.
By downloading the Jibli application you will benefit from the easy access to all the restaurants and cafes around your area and order everything you need as well as choosing a comfortable payment method that suits you, all from your phone.
Join us today and become a member of the revolution of fast, easy and enjoyable experience of home deliveries.

Newest Service Update

learn more about our newest services updates right from your phone by downloading the apps.
Jibli now introduces it’s newest and first Gas and Water delivery services in Libya !
By simply becoming a member of Jibli shopping mall app you can easily benefit from the Gas and Water services which are located inside the dashboard menu after sign in.

Check the nearest Store to you and order your needs right from the window of Jibli application today and enjoy the shopping experience !

How does it work?

The steps of any product being delivered to our customer’s doorstep are very smooth and simple.

we promise our users a very short and easy account registration process, where after creating a user account our customers are able to pin their location and view all the nearby stores available.
After choosing one of the nearby stores you can place your order directly from the application and confirm your delivery location.
when reaching the payment platform, Jibli offers a very secure and easy payment method using our customer’s DinarPAY wallet accounts, thus allowing the contactless payment method to succeed.
When the order is confirmed and payment is done, our customers can easily track the status of their order until it is delivery by Jibli to their doorstep.

Want to try the fastest, easiest and most convenient delivery application?
Download Jibli now and enjoy your products delivered to your doorsteps every day!

Benefits of Being a Jibli Partner

Jibli team works above and beyond to provide services that benefit all its users.
If you’re wondering why you should become a Jibli partner, the answer is really simple!
With the large customer base which you’ll be exposed to, our partners can be guaranteed 3 essential factors which will help their businesses grow.

1. Additional revenue stream due to a large number of customer orders.
2. Building a larger customer base to help with the Introduced maps and order delivery tracking services embedded in our application.
3. Higher rating from customers with the help of our fast and organized delivery when using Jibli services.

Become a Partner Today ! and Forget About Delivery Headaches.

Get To Know Jibli

Jibli is the first National all-inclusive E-Commerce platform in Libya that is designed to connect merchants and customers through its safe and user-friendly smart phone application available for download on Android and IOS systems. It is owned and operated by Talwan E-Commerce, Inc. and is located in Tripoli Libya.