How does it work

How does it work?

The steps of any product being delivered to our customer’s doorstep are very smooth and simple.

we promise our users a very short and easy account registration process, where after creating a user account our customers are able to pin their location and view all the nearby stores available.
After choosing one of the nearby stores you can place your order directly from the application and confirm your delivery location.
when reaching the payment platform, Jibli offers a very secure and easy payment method using our customer’s DinarPAY wallet accounts, thus allowing the contactless payment method to succeed.
When the order is confirmed and payment is done, our customers can easily track the status of their order until it is delivery by Jibli to their doorstep.

Want to try the fastest, easiest and most convenient delivery application?
Download Jibli now and enjoy your products delivered to your doorsteps every day!

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Jibli is the first National all-inclusive E-Commerce platform Modeling eMall in Libya that is designed to connect merchants and customers through its safe and user-friendly smartphone application.

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